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So you have had an injury to your back.  You are going for treatment, or maybe havent started yet.  What do you do about healing, to give you the best possible outcome.   You want to give the inju [more]
Low Back pain can be the result of many different things. Pain can be the result of overuse, muscle strain or injuries to the muscles ,ligaments and discs that support the spine.  Over time a muscle [more]
Whiplash can happen from auto accidents, sports injuries and falls  .It is caused by an abnormal motion or force applied to the neck that causes movement beyond the neck's normal range of motion. It [more]
Obesity contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other diseases.  As a result it tends to shorten life span. A new study found that smokers of a health weight lost on average 9 years o [more]
If you are like 75 % of pregnant women you have experienced lower back pain during your pregnancy.  Usually the pain comes on during the later months and becomes worse as the pregnancy progresses.  [more]
A lot of people are feeling feel fatigued lately whether it be from from stress, lack of exercise, bad eating habits and the long cold winter we just endured. The following 6 easy things will help yo [more]
Depression effects 1 in 10 people at one point or another in their lives, and the amount of people diagnosed with depression increases by 20% every year. With over 200 million prescriptions being writ [more]
Paleo diets are based on the premise that if a caveman didnt eat it-then don't eat it. During the Paleolithic period, many thousands of years ago, people ate primarily vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots, [more]
Cinnamon is one of the healthier spices you can use in your diet. Numerous beneficial health effects can be obtained using this spice. 1) Research at University of California shows compounds wit [more]
As people's waistlines increase, so does the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Now scientists have a better understanding of exactly what happens in the body that leads up to type 2 diabetes, and what lik [more]

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