Core Exercise and Low Back Pain

Low Back pain can be the result of many different things. Pain can be the result of overuse, muscle strain or injuries to the muscles ,ligaments and discs that support the spine.  Over time a muscle injury that has not been treated can lead to imbalances in the spine.  This in turn leads to constant tension on these structures and makes them more prone to re injury.

Regardless of the cause of your low back pain treatment is aimed at first reducing pain, increasing mobility and function and lastly strenghtening the are a to prevent chronic flare ups of low back pain.

At Lupo Saladino Chiropractic in Merrick after you have finished the pain relief phase of care you will most likely undergo a Lumbar  Core Strength and Stability program.  This includes flexibilityy and strengthening exercise and should be done 3-4 times per week,


The core is composed of several groups of muscles including the transverse abdominus, pelvic floor muscles ,multifidus and diaphragm. These muscles work together to produce stability in the abdominal region as well as coordination of movements of the arms legs and spine.  Engaging these muscles is something that is not done consciously so it is important to know how to co contract them during exercise.


Place 2 fingers on the bones in front of your hips.  Move your hands in an inch towards your belly button
and down and inch towards your toes  You should now be directly over the transversus abdominus muscle.
When you contract your core correctly you should feel a tightening under your fingers.  It is important to learn how to engage your core in different positions and activities to provide maximum stability to the spine.


Flexibility exercises may include a quadriceps stretch, hip flexor stretch and adductor stretch.        


These exercises would include knee to chest, side bridging on the elbow, press ups,supine hip  twist on physioball .