Diversified Technique

Spinal Manipulation

Diversified technique is the most commonly used form of spinal manipulation used by the Lupo Saladino Chiropractors. It is characterized by a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust.  The joint is moved slightly beyond its passive range of motion and the adjustments usually accompanied by a click.  This is due to the release of carbon dioxide from the joint.

There is no pain associated with this form of manipulation or adjustment . Another form of manual therapy used by the Merrick Chiropractors is joint mobilization.  This does not involve a thrust, and is a more passive technique used for patients who do not want spinal adjustments or are in too much pain to tolerate them.  The joint is stretched beyond its active range of motion only.  Some patients do not like the feeling of a full adjustment and this is the technique used to get the same benefit with less force.

The effects of spinal manipulation on the body include: increasing motion of the joint, increasing muscle strength, and decreasing pain,   Sometimes the pain you feel in your low back, neck, and other joints is may be the result of joint dysfunction or immobility. This technique helps restore that motion and thereby reduces pain.  Spinal manipulation also has been shown to release endorphins, which are natural pain inhibitors found in the body.  Sometimes after an adjustment pain relief can be immediate, but it also may take several treatments to relieve pain.

spinal adjustment

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