Drivers Education

Most people relate injuries from driving a car to getting into an accident.  And of course these days with everyone talking on the phone, texting,putting make up on, eating and performing other activities while driving, the roads have become more hazardous and accidents more prevalent. But there are other driving related injuries that do not occur because of an accident.

Some common causes of non accident driving injuries

Have you ever turned your head to look in your blind spot and felt neck pain?  This movement can cause muscle strain and ligamentous injury.  Pulling out of a crowded parking lot means excessive head turning and upper and lower back twisting that can result in lower back pain   Bending to put groceries in the car , taking children out of their car seats(and usually installing the car seats) can cause disc herniations or facet syndromes.  Many awkward positions are needed when you are in and out of your car.  You don”t have to get rear ended to end up feeling neck pain,low back pain,headaches  or sciatica.  Even the act of sitting with you wallet in your back pocket can lead to numbness in the leg and in severe cases sciatica.

Reasons why a car accident in not necessary for driving injuries.

Although awkward positions contribute to this type of injury,  driving-related injuries that are not the result of an actual accident are caused by being deconditioned or out-of-shape. If your neck and back muscles, ligaments, and joints are not used to doing physical work while engaged in a full range of motion, suddenly putting them in mechanically stressful situations will very likely lead to injuries.
For such persons, the primary missing fitness factor involves the core muscles, the body’s group of central, deep, sheath-like muscles that provide the base for almost all movement and motion.  The good news is core training is easy to do.  When you ride a bike, jog,walk or swim you are training your core.  Yoga is a great exercise to train the core.  The back and neck injuries caused by these activities are mostly preventable if you train the core.  You don’t need special equipment, and if you stick to this type of exercise on a regular basis you will enjoy the time riding in the car and prevent the injuries.  Talk to the Merrick Chiropractors about different ways to strengthen your core muscles.