Function based care


What prevents symptoms from returning?

The answer to this question lies in the use of function based care. This is the care that is directed to improving function. The treatments that we prescribe for you will be directed at core strengthening, flexibility, endurance and balance. Typically when you first come into our office it will be because you have symptoms, such as lower back pain,neck pain,sciatica,headaches etc. Your initial care will be aimed at alleviating your symptoms. Some time during your treatment plan our goals will change to that of functional improvement. Usually this happens when pain begins to subside.

The treatment goals for symptomatic care are pain relief, reduction of muscle spasm and edema, and promotion of tissue healing.

Functional care goals are different and will include-improvement of strength, endurance, flexibility,coordination, balance and proprioception.

The purpose of functional care is to allow you to perform your daily activities without pain or discomfort. Treatments would include core strengthening to improve trunk movements, neck exercises to improve strength of the neck, stretches to improve flexibility and proprioception exercises to improve balance and coordination.

How will I know what exercise is good for my condition?

We will have you perform some physical capacity tests first to determine if you need core strength, core endurance or proprioception exercises.  Range of Motion testing may be performed to see if flexibility exercises are required for your condition. We may have you fill out a Activity of Daily Living  form to determine what activities your pain is restricting and also for us to monitor treatment.  These tests will usually be performed when you are out of the acute phase of pain and the goal of treatment is changing from pain relief to restoring function.
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