Neck Pain

lady nkMost people do not realize how much they move their neck during the day until they are unable to do so. The degree of flexibility of the neck, coupled with the fact that it has the least amount of muscular stabilization and it has to support and move your 14 – 16 pound head, means that the neck is very susceptible to injury.   There are 7 vertabra in the neck that have nerve roots exiting the sides of the bones,  discs between the bones,  and all these are supported by muscles and ligaments.

If your neck pain involves the nerves in the neck you may feel numbness  or tingling in your arms or hand.  Disc problems, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) and muscle spasm can cause nerve irritation causing these symptoms.  Tightness, stiffness and “knots” in the neck can be due to muscle spasms.  If the muscles in the neck are in spasm this can also cause headaches.

The most common causes of neck pain is muscle strain or tension due to poor posture, working at a computer, sleeping with your neck turned, reading or watching TV.  If your are the victim of a car accident this can cause neck pain.

After a complete history and examination we will determine what is causing your neck pain. If necessary we may X-Ray the neck or order an MRI    The first phase of treatment is aimed at pain relief.  This may include ice, heat, ultrasound, EMS, trigger point therapy or spinal manipulation.  The second phase will include a functional evaluation and than exercises to correct the problem and strengthen the underlying soft tissue.  We will also educate you on preventing recurrence of the neck pain by assessing your postures at work, home and during your leisure time that may be contributing to your problem.  The Merrick Chiropractic  office also holds classes on prevention of injuries and life style modifications.

Don’t allow neck pain to ruin your day.  Call Lupo Saladino Chiropractic today and we will see if we can help you live a pain free life.

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