Our Merrick Office offers a variety of treatments.


This page will introduce the different techniques we utilize in our clinic. The most commonly used are included in this section. However we sometimes draw on different techniques or combinations according to your specific problem and response to treatment. We continually attend post graduate seminars to keep current with the latest improvements and updates to spinal care and health.

At Lupo Saladino Chiropractic in Merrick, we treat your condition based on your symptoms and your history.  We will develop a treatment program based on your specific injury.  We do not treat all conditions with the same protocol.  Everyone’s body and conditions are unique and we make sure we are addressing you specific needs to help your condition.
The techniques we have described are the most commonly used in our practice. if your lower back pain is a result of a disc herniation(Slipped disc) or disc degeneration we have found that flexion distraction may be a more optimal technique to use in this condition.
Chronic back and neck pain, headaches, and many muscular disorders can respond well to Trigger Point therapy.
And many times the pain you experience can be relieved by certain range of motion exercises, as McKenzie protocol would dictate. So read the different techniques and have confidence we will ascertain your condition and use the most appropriate to give you the quickest pain relief and long term spinal stability