Success Stories

Fantastic treatment, Dr.Saladino immediately took care of the pain in my neck, then adjusted a few other areas he said were contributing to my neck pain. I felt great after the treatment, I am definitely going back to see him!
Eddie C.

I’ve had low back pain for several years. I heard about Dr Saladino through a friend. My first visit was a thorough exam and he explained to me what he could do in great detail. I have been feeling great since starting treatment. The doctor answers all my questions and really knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better .
Tom M


MIRACLE WORKERS! Dr. Lupo and Dr. Saladino combine kindness and compassion with knowledge and skills for the perfect blend of healing help- they TRULY care about their patients and I am most thankful for their invaluable treatment and care- I highly recommend!!

Virginia D



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